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Custom Finished Solid Wood Furniture in Spring, TX


Custom Bookcase Design

Natural Wood Furnishings is proud to offer custom bookcase designs from The Bookcase Shop!

Each bookcase is custom designed and custom built to your specifications! You choose your dimensions, molding, hardware and finish. Get the built-in look without the built-in price!

Bookcases are just the beginning of what can be done to transform any space! We can also custom design and build entertainment centers, consoles, offices and so much more!

Included below are ideas and illustrations of what is possible for a custom bookcase. We have many more on-site customization options that aren't listed here. For more details, please call 281-719-8865 or contact us online.

Bookcase Molding Options

Bookcase Base Options

Deluxe molding adds an extra layer of molding at the top, giving it a grand presence. You have several options with our Deluxe molding, such as being federal or face-frame casing. You also get to choose your base molding; choose either a smooth bull-nose base or a routered base.

Door & Drawer Options

Customers can choose any door or drawer styles to customize their build.

For example, combine glass with solid. Or any combination you wish!

Custom Creations

Below are just a few examples of the nearly limitless styles and designs that are possible for you to specify.

Let your creative juices flow!

Finished Bookcase Inspiration

Whitewood Bookcases

Shaker bookcases:

Available sizes:

  • SH-3228A: 32"w x 12"d x 84"h
  • SH-3227A: 32"w x 12"d x 72"h
  • SH-3226A: 32"w x 12"d x 60"h
  • SH-3224A: 32"w x 12"d x 48"h
  • SH-3223A: 32"w x 12"d x 36"h

Doors can be added to these sizes:

  • 84"h
  • 72"h
  • 60"h

Door options include:

  • Flat panel
  • Raised panel
Custom Build In Whitewood Bookcase
Multiple bookcases can be added side by side for a built in look!

X-Sided bookcases:

Available sizes:

  • SH-7247X: 47"w x 14"d x 72"h
  • SH-7230X: 30"w x 12"d x 72"h
  • SH-4830X: 30"w x 12"d x 48"h
  • SH-3630X: 30"w x 12"d x 36"h

Other Bookcase Products:

Ladder shelf:
SH-2660: 26"w x 18"d x 76"h

Mission Bookcases:
Available in sizes:
SH-7230M: 30"w x 12"d x 72"h
SH-4830M: 30"w x 12"d x 48"h
SH-3630M: 30"w x 12"d x 36"h

Abby Bookcases: *All Fixed Shelves
Available in sizes:
SH-12762: 27"w x 11"d x 62"h
SH-12750: 27"w x 11"d x 50"h
SH-12736: 27"w x 11"d x 36"h
SH-14830: 48"w x 11"d x 30"h